Arboretum Kilquade’s Sustainable Transformation

Photo: Pictured are Rachel Doyle, founder, Arboretum Garden Centres with her sons and business co-owners Barry (CEO) and Fergal Doyle (CCO)

Arboretum Kilquade’s Sustainable Transformation

Photo: Pictured are Rachel Doyle, founder, Arboretum Garden Centres with her sons and business co-owners Barry (CEO) and Fergal Doyle (CCO)

Vivid Edge takes part Arboretum Kilquade’s Transformation with Premier Green Technologies

In the €4 million transformation of Arboretum Kilquade, Vivid Edge, recognized as a pioneer in climate action and sustainability innovation, and based at NovaUCD in Dublin, is playing a pivotal role.

This collaboration involves key players in sustainability, including the commercial energy efficiency insights of Vivid Edge and the mechanical and electrical engineering expertise of Penston MEP. Together, they are steering the project towards the integration of premier, gold standard green technologies, in conjunction with the construction expertise of Cascade Group and the garden centre design proficiency of Rabensteiner, enhancing the redevelopment with cutting-edge sustainable solutions.

Vivid Edge is at the forefront of global sustainability initiatives, leveraging their technical expertise and innovative “as a service” model to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resource usage for their customers. In their role within the Arboretum Kilquade project, Vivid Edge implemented solar solutions and electric vehicle charging stations.

Fergal Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer and co-owner with his brother Barry, said “A key aim for us is to future proof the facility, incorporating sustainable technology wherever possible. Resource efficiency and sustainability make sense on a commercial level but it’s also part of our ethos. We are selling green and we also want to be as green as possible.”  

In the transformative redevelopment of Arboretum Kilquade, an array of green technologies designed to significantly reduce the garden centre’s environmental footprint.

The installation of cutting-edge Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules atop the retail space is projected to cut Arboretum’s reliance on the electrical grid by about 30% annually. This solar initiative is anticipated to produce energy savings equivalent to the consumption of approximately 594 households over the modules’ lifespan, while prevent 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year— is the equivalent to planting approximately 1,400 trees.

To support sustainable transportation, Arboretum Kilquade now features dedicated electric vehicle charging stations, providing convenient charging solutions for eco-conscious customers.

Alongside Vivid Edge‘s solar and EV charging solutions, the project also incorporates advanced heat pumps, LED lighting, and rainwater harvesting, collectively bolstering the garden centre’s sustainability profile.

Tracy O’Rourke, CEO of Vivid Edge, shared her insights on the collaboration, “It’s a pleasure to work with Arboretum, an Irish family run business, who have been long time champions in sustainability. This initiative illustrates how aligning commercial aims with a sustainable agenda can drive carbon reduction, operational resilience, and foster a positive environment for job creation and employee wellbeing.”

Barry Doyle, CEO and co-owner said, “We want Arboretum to be a standard bearer for sustainability. It’s really exciting to see it all coming together and we can’t wait for the big reveal to our customers in Spring 2024.”

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