Business Energy Surveys, Audits, and Assessments

One of the biggest concerns for all business types is how to reduce your expenditure on critical business elements such as energy consumption. Energy audits are investigations and assessments of your commercial energy levels, aimed at identifying measures for cost and energy savings. Enhancing energy efficiency in your commercial building is not just a matter of reducing energy bills and cutting costs, it’s about investing in the future. By embracing sustainability initiatives, businesses can play a pivotal role in building a greener, more resilient future for all. 

Here at Vivid Edge, we undertake commercial energy audits and assessments on all types of businesses in Ireland, ranging from medium and large local businesses to international companies looking to reduce energy waste and seeking new opportunities for business energy improvement.

Vivid Edge takes the hassle out of your decarbonisation journey, saving you time, capital, and risk so you can focus on the core of your business.


How Vivid Edge Can Help your Business Save Energy?​

If you own a commercial property and are concerned about the rising costs of energy bills, undertaking an energy survey is the first step to solving all your worries. Our team carries out business energy assessments and audits to gather data on where energy is escaping your building. Our expert technical team can help you identify carbon reduction opportunities in your portfolio and build an implementation roadmap. By identifying low cost energy conservation measures, our expert team will help you achieve optimum operational efficiency levels.​
We specialise in delivering projects and providing a range of services, including LED lighting upgrades, solar PV installation, heatpump, decarbonisation roadmaps, and solar battery storage solutions for commercial properties. Our goal is to guide you towards a decarbonised property that not only benefits the environment but also reduces operational costs. ​
Commercial energy surveys help us to identify ways to save money and carbon and get you on the road to net zero.​

Why Work with Us

Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Users
Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Advisors
Collaborative Cooperation - Engineer, Procure and Construct contractors
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Our Experience
We are an experienced and trained multi-disciplinary team of building energy experts. Through our expertise, we offer a comprehensive approach to data collation, building assessments, and reporting. We provide insightful advice on decarbonisation strategies, empowering our customers to reduce costs and carbon emissions by leveraging energy efficiency enhancements.
Our Creativity
We are problem solvers. Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We have challenged the traditional way of delivering energy efficiency upgrades, removing much unnecessary complexity and enabling so much more to be possible.
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We are Proactive

We’re proactive, professional, and approachable. Our personalised service ensures that you always connect with a trusted expert who understands your needs.
Start your journey to Net Zero with Vivid Edge! Take the step towards lower energy bills and an energy-efficient business.  

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