Our ambition is to change the way energy efficiency is delivered globally
so climate actions targets can be met

Vivid Edge supports several SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy
Our projects help provide clean energy for businesses with no out of pocket cost
SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities
Our projects help build more sustainable and energy efficient cities and communities
SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
We help eliminate energy waste resulting in more responsible consumption
SDG 13 Climate action
We track the carbon reduction in all our projects making a direct positive impact on climate change
SDG 3 Good health and well-being
Our projects result in Improved work environments and employee wellness
SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth
Our projects improve energy efficiency, energy security and create jobs, supporting economic growth
SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
We are building more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure with an innovative approach to decarbonisation
SDG 17 Partnership for the goals
We partner with suppliers and installers

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Environmental Policy


At Vivid Edge we are committed to acting responsibly in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance matters, and these are integrated into how we do business and make decisions. Our mission is to stimulate exponential growth in energy efficiency globally and ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. Our whole reason for existing is to improve the planet by using our “as a service model” to encourage, support and accelerate the progress of our customers in reducing their emission of greenhouse gases, and reducing their consumption of the world’s resources. Any action we take that adversely impacts this principle can damage our reputation, reduce our competitive advantage, and have negative implications on our growth and is to be avoided. We recognise that we have a moral obligation towards our stakeholders, employees and the broader community to ensure that we are actively managing and minimising the impact of our operations
and services on the environment. Our company’s future and the future of our environment are interconnected.


We in Vivid Edge are conscious of our social responsibilities with regards to helping the environment through our working practices. Our objective is not only to sustain our environment for our descendants but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done. We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations.

Awareness and Commitment:

The key areas we focus on the day-to-day running of our business in recognition of our commitment to the environment are:

  • Decarbonisation,
  • Responsible & local sourcing,
  • Responsible consumption,
  • Smart waste-and energy management,
  • Sustainable Travel & Transport

We will ensure all our stakeholders are familiar with our environmental commitment and objectives.

Supply Chain:

We seek only to use suppliers that are similarly committed to ESG goals. We will assess the environmental commitment of our key suppliers by evaluating their alignment to our Supplier Code of Conduct. We will work to embed environmental commitment to our own procurement policy.

Natural Environment

Vivid Edge will help to protect and enhance natural habitats and wildlife, taking appropriate opportunities to enhance them and being sensitive to landscape issues. We will look to minimise our impact on local wildlife, and identify opportunities to work with the local community in caring for the local environment.

Key Areas:


Our whole reason for existing is to improve the planet by using our “as a service model” to encourage, support and accelerate the progress of our customer in reducing their emission of greenhouse gases, and reducing their consumption of the world’s resources. By promoting energy efficiency, Vivid Edge paves the way for reduced energy consumption leading to a reduction in GHG emissions. Our ambition is to fundamentally change the way energy efficiency is delivered globally through our working practices, so G20 climate actions targets can be met while supporting UN Social Development Goal #13 Climate Action.

Energy Efficiency is now a substantial part of the energy eco-system. Our purpose is to use an “as a service” model for energy efficiency, to make efficiency more attractive to large energy users and support them in accelerating their sustainability plans globally. We save energy, time, cost and reduce carbon emissions for the customer; improving operational resilience, enhancing employee wellbeing and accelerating sustainable goals.

Responsible & Local Sourcing

Vivid Edge will try to minimise environmental impact with regard to sourcing materials and resources. We will do this by

  • Avoiding using materials which have an undesirable effect on the environment, and wherever possible use locally made recycled goods.
  • Handling machines, equipment and stock with care.
  •  Using contractors who also share a commitment to the environment and take into account lifetime costs of materials when repairing, altering or rebuilding premises.
  • Maximising use of electronic communication and information storage as an alternative to printing and paper.
  • Taking into account the environmental quality and impact of food products and where possible to purchase food which has been grown locally.

Responsible Consumption

Vivid Edge is committed to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by attaining greater efficiency in total energy consumption.

  • We will make every effort to use water efficiently and avoid pollutants entering the drainage system.
  •  We will use energy efficient products wherever practical and monitor usage to achieve minimum energy consumption.
  • Conserving energy by turning off any unnecessary lighting and heating and turning down heating thermostats, ensuring radiators are not blocked by any obstacles.
  • Considering office layout, making the most of natural light
  • Office equipment – turning the equipment off instead of leaving on standby mode ;
    optimising the brightness of monitors (too bright is not good for health and wastes energy);
    considering the energy efficiency ratings of equipment replacement.

Smart waste- and energy management

Vivid Edge will try to minimise the production of waste and pollution; including unnecessary packaging and printing.

We do this by disposing of waste, e-waste and hazardous waste responsibly, recycling and composting where possible.

Sustainable Travel & Transport

Vivid Edge will endeavour to reduce the impact on the environment where possible with respect to transport. We will do this by

  • Seeking and employing local products and services where possible to reduce transport costs.
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel, meeting virtually where possible
  • Encouraging employees to use public transport, cycle/ foot / car pool

Sustainable Procurement


Our mission is to stimulate exponential growth in energy efficiency globally and ensure a sustainable planet for future generations.

Vivid Edge seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed to minimise the social, environmental and ethical impacts of its supply chain.

This policy sets out how we will seek to purchase of goods and services that minimise negative and enhance positive impacts on the environment and society whilst meeting our business requirements. By incorporating social, environmental and ethical considerations into purchasing decisions we endeavour to make a positive contribution to the environment and society.

To this end, we have developed Operating Principles that are applicable to both our suppliers and to ourselves. These principles seek to ensure that we and our suppliers act in a responsible manner. Where it is found that a supplier’s conduct is not in accordance with Vivid Edge’s Responsible Purchasing Policy and Operating Principles, we will seek to engage with that supplier and encourage continuous improvement in their environmental, social and ethical performance.

Vivid Edge will cease trading with suppliers showing persistent disregard for important elements of environmental, social and ethical performance.

In support of the Policy and Principles Vivid Edge will:

  • conduct an environmental, social and ethical assessment of our key suppliers, utilising internal or external resources as appropriate;
  • work collaboratively with suppliers to improve environmental, social and ethical standards with the aim of realising continuous improvement in all three areas for both our suppliers and ourselves;
  • Protect the confidentiality of information entrusted to us;
  • Recognise the supplier’s own standard where they are working to environmental, social and ethical standards similar to those stipulated by Vivid Edge;
  • Not require suppliers to realise environmental, social and ethical standards more onerous than our own;
  • Ensure that all relevant employees are aware of the company Sustainable Procurement Policy;
  • Ensure that supplier’s staff working on our premises are treated with the same respect for diversity and workplace safety as our own staff;
  • Base our supplier selection on objective and transparent criteria that include the consideration of environmental, social and ethical performance;
  • Use a risk based approach to ensure we focus on those areas where the risk is greatest and maximum impact can be achieved.

Supplier Operating Principles

Vivid Edge expects that all our suppliers adhere to the Operating Principles set out below.

  1. Suppliers should comply with all relevant legislation in the countries in which they operate and all relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Anti-Slavery conventions.
  2. Suppliers should demonstrate continuous improvement in their approach to sustainable and responsible purchasing.
  3. We seek to ensure that appropriate attention is paid to environmental issues when we purchase products and services. In all cases suppliers should be able to demonstrate environmental policies and management systems sufficient to ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  4. Suppliers should ensure that management systems and practices are in place to ensure the prevention of:
    1. Money laundering.
    2. Insider trading.
    3. Conflicts of interest.
    4. Fraud, bribery and corruption and other improper payments or gifts.
    5. Unauthorised access to personal and business information.