Commercial Heat Pumps

Vivid Edge are Commercial Heat Pump specialists. With Vivid Edge, your trusted energy-efficient advisor, you can significantly save on heating costs, increase energy efficiency, and lower your carbon footprint. Our team of experts will help all commercial sectors service, replace, and repair ground, air, and water source heat pumps throughout Ireland.

We work with companies across Ireland, from shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, and more offering a heat pump installation service ensuring that your premise will benefit highly from the most suitable and efficient heat pump system. 

What is a Commercial Heat Pump?

Heat pump heating systems extract ambient heat from sources like the ground, water, or air and amplify it to supply low-temperature heating and hot water. Notably, these systems can also offer cooling, proving beneficial during the hotter summer months when conventional heating might be unnecessary. 

In contrast to traditional heating approaches that frequently depend on carbon-intensive fossil fuels, heat pumps are driven by electricity sourced from renewables or directly from the national grid. 


Key Benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps

What we do - turnkey funded energy efficiency upgrades
Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Users
Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Advisors
Collaborative Cooperation - Engineer, Procure and Construct contractors
Collaborative Cooperation - suppliers
Efficient heating 
Heat pumps can be up to 400% more efficient than fossil fuel fire boilers, in turn reducing energy costs.
Less Carbon Tax
Using less carbon-based fuel could mean paying less carbon tax.
durable versatile option
Safe and Reliable
Heat pump technology is reliable. They require little maintenance and are built to run for around 25 years with no efficiency loss.
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Reduce Carbon Footprint
As most of the energy used to generate heat through a Heat Pump is renewable, installing Heat Pumps can make a significant contribution to decarbonisation targets.

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