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In the wake of a global shift towards renewable energy, Ireland is witnessing a significant surge in solar energy adoption. This trend is more than a response to environmental concerns. It is a strategic move towards energy independence and sustainability. Solar energy is already known for its efficiency and eco-friendliness. Now it is rapidly becoming […]
With growing sustainability concerns worldwide, we all have a part to play in environmental sustainability. In particular, customers have been putting greater pressure on company and brand sustainability. In a recent 2021 survey, 89% of surveyed consumers expressed that they think companies and brands should do more to reduce their carbon impact. Furthermore, 82% believe […]
The energy sector has seen much volatility in recent years, for many reasons. Some of the reasons include increasing natural gas prices, economic uncertainty during the global pandemic, and supply issues as a result of the Ukraine war. During a time of increasingly volatile energy prices, the need for stability has become crucial for companies […]
As a business owner, it’s no secret that when it comes to increasing the bottom line, companies need to do one of two things: reducing costs or increasing revenue. Looking at the different overhead expenditures, energy costs stand out prominently, especially with the significant rise in energy prices in recent years. In other news, the […]
This event is a unique opportunity to engage with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, gaining insights into optimized sustainability reporting for businesses. The Zero Carbon Roadshow offers a platform to explore progressive approaches and technologies for realizing your company’s zero-carbon objectives. By joining this event, you’ll connect with industry leaders and peers, equipping yourself […]
Welcome Richard Huggard, our new Sales Director at Vivid Edge! Richie believes that now is the time to make the necessary improvements in sustainability and climate action, ensuring a safer world for future generations. Sales Director Richie Huggard brings a wealth of expertise to Vivid Edge, with 30 years of experience in sales, operations and […]

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