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You could be wasting 15-30% of your energy bill from inefficient equipment. Based on industry norms.

This means sub optimal:

Operational resilience | Carbon emissions | Wellness environments

We help you tap into these lost savings and fund upgrades without using your capital.

We have developed a pioneering ‘ENERGY EFFICIENCY SERVICE’ model for large organisations.

We upgrade your energy using infrastructure such as heating, cooling, lighting and controls systems.  You pay a monthly service fee that is covered by the energy savings otherwise lost.

With Vivid Edge you can FAST TRACK your plans and UPGRADE energy using assets BEYOND your capital budgets.

With Vivid Edge’s service model you can:

Accelerate projects

Cut costs

Reduce carbon emissions

Improve operational resilience

Enhance work environment & staff wellbeing

We make things happen


(private and public sector, including companies, hotels, hospitals, universities and governments)


(including equipment manufacturers and service providers)

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Let's meet the needs of this & future generations

The UN has identified three interdependent pillars of sustainability and we are excited to be playing our part.