Solar Battery Storage Ireland

Smart and Renewable Energy Storage

A solar panel battery is rechargeable, much bigger, like a mobile phone battery. These batteries can store enough electricity to do 6 full loads of washing and charge a mobile phone 2,000 times. When your solar panels produce surplus electricity beyond your current consumption, the excess power is stored in the battery. Subsequently, when your business energy demand exceeds the output of your panels, the battery will step in to supply the additional power required. Solar batteries are ideal for when you use both grid and solar energy. If the grid goes down for any reason, you will have backup power stored in your solar batteries.  

Vivid Edge can provide you with a range of high-quality solar battery storage solutions for commercial and industrial sectors across Ireland. Solar batteries enable your business to store surplus solar energy and take advantage of lower off-peak electricity rates, resulting in significant reductions in your electricity bills while making your business more sustainable. 

Key Benefits of Solar Batteries

Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Users
Collaborative Cooperation - Energy Advisors
Collaborative Cooperation - Engineer, Procure and Construct contractors
Collaborative Cooperation - suppliers
Reduce your Energy Bills
Gain Energy Independence
equivalent trees planted
Less impact on the Environment
environment icon circle frame
Long Lifespan
carbon emission icon circle frame
Reduce Carbon Footprint

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